Jo Perry

When I need to pretend I’m Jane Austen. Historical romance that’s too feminist for its time and that I’d feel comfortable telling my grandma I write… 😉

All profit goes to THE MAGIC YARN PROJECT, a charity that makes soft yarn wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

I’ve written a Victorian Era retelling of Rapunzel involving an opera singer with an overbearing aunt, and the younger brother of a duke who is wholly smitten with her. SO EXCITED to share this story.

Contributing authors: Clarissa Kae, Josi Kilpack, Adam Berg, Jo Perry, Rebecca Connolly, Julie Wright, Kaylee Baldwin, Jennifer Moore, Nancy Campbell Allen, Shaela Kay, Serene Heiner, Mindy Burbidge Strunk.

Isabelle Kinsley set out to her first, and only, season of London in hopes of securing an advantageous match for herself and, consequently, providing more possibilities for her two younger sisters. The small pool of suitors in their seaside village of Bridlington offer very little in the way of suitable companionship. Isabelle quickly learns, however, that daughters of country physicians are not considered suitable for gentlemen of means. Discouraged, Isabelle believes a house-party invitation from Anna Somerville, a wealthy and accomplished friend, is her last providential hope—until she realizes the man she has come to care for is the desired match of her friend.

Simon Windham has spent the last two years of his life on a tour of Europe, in part hoping that Anna, the younger sister of his best friend, would finally find interest in a gentleman other than himself. He is not so fortunate, however. Upon arriving at Haven’s Landing, Simon immediately befriends Isabelle, the strange young woman he met in a London bookshop. Their connection is immediate, but to seek out her attention would be to not only betray long-time family friends, but his parents expectations as well.

As the month-long party draws to a close, Simon and Isabelle struggle to overcome their feelings for one another. Has fate thrown them together to secure their happiness or their misery in knowing their match would mean the unhappiness of others they love?

Juliet Kinsley is a dreamer, preferring poetry and novels to anything aside from the chance at experiencing the world she’s only read about. When a mysterious man washes ashore in her small town of Bridlington, Juliet assists her father in caring for the gentleman’s injuries. Instant connection and mutual attraction sparks Juliet’s interest in the new stranger, but how can she possibly decide her future without fully knowing what else the world has to offer?

After months of silence, Miles Harding is desperate to locate his grieving father, even if it means traveling across all of England. Ever the honorable son and tradesman, Miles has little time for love, and even less thought for a future other than growing his already successful trading company. Providence, however, takes matters into Her own hands and decides to toss him, quite literally, at the feet of love. But with little experience and demanding business concerns, the chance at familial happiness might slip through his fingers…