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Waypoint Author Academy is where my partner, Allison Martin, and I help authors navigate their way on their chosen publication path through DIY resources and one on one sessions.

Every writer deserves to become a published author in a way that best suits their values.

I approach writing as being all about the WHY behind writing rules, stripping away comparisons, and taking the time to re-evaluate our author dreams and goals. I want to help authors who want a LONG career in writing.

Let me help you navigate your way through your story and your career.

(and can someone figure out where to get these chairs? *grabby hands)

The phrase I want to drill into every writer who wants to tell a great story is this: “I wonder why?”

Because the bedrock of intuitive storytelling is curiosity. Stories feel forced, stagnant, or uninteresting when the author is more concerned with shoehorning events into something they think it should be rather than letting it play out the way it should.

Allison Martin